Copy Trading 

 Start Trading Without Learning How To Trade?

About Copy Trading

With the introduction of online trading, the international stock exchanges and Forex and CFD markets are accessible to every trader. Anywhere in the world - at any time of the day.

Recent economic developments and political tensions and their repercussions on savings interest rates and pension conditions mean that more and more people want to take their investment activities into their own hands.

Many of us want to have a little more control over the growth of our capital, but struggle with issues such as where to invest, how to invest and when is the best time to invest. The crypto hype was the first introduction to online trading for many.

It is an accessible way to invest or invest. The realization grew that a lot of money can be made by investing and trading, but that there are also risks involved.

Investors such as Warren Buffett and George Soros are heroes of today, but there are also numerous examples of traders losing money.

Some of us already have some experience in trading and may have already encountered this reality. Learning to invest is a process and not every investor has the time, resources or interest in this. Instead, they look for a way to copy the trades of successful traders.

Copy trading allows you to benefit from the research, expertise and trading decisions of other more experienced traders. Does it sound interesting?

Read here how to get started with copy trading in a few simple steps or visit for more info.

Technological developments mean that copy trading is increasingly being applied on a larger scale. Forms of social trading, including this variant, have gained enormously in popularity in recent years.

Copy trading software tools and social trading apps are popping up like mushrooms. Wondering if it's something for you too?

Before you get started with copy trading you should know: